Testing our Faith in Humanity with Flowers

My husband is a very generous man. He would give a stranger the shirt off his back, the shoes off both feet and probably his BVD’s if called upon, but he draws the line at saving the world. That’s my department.

Mike Brindley

That's Mike.

For the past few years I have been working with other folks in the community to revitalize Downtown Wayne. I go to meetings, help with fundraisers and spread the word in every way I know how. Some of the other people who do this with me have spouses that design logos, clean flower planters and otherwise support their cause.

That’s not Mike.

So imagine my surprise when we were sitting on the porch this morning drinking our first cup of coffee listening to a rather insistent cardinal in the tree next door and he said, “Hey Red, I was thinking about putting a pot of flowers on each of the four corners here. Do you think the neighbors will mind, the corners are sort of theirs, too?” And he walked me out across the yard to the corner just to be sure I understood his vision of placing flowerpots near the curbs at the crosswalks.

Tonight we picked up four brand-new pots and a flat of marigolds and a flat of petunias. We planted them in the good Miracle Grow soil and placed them at the four corners of the intersection at Forest Ave & 4th Street.

He was inspired, he said, by the Wayne Ripple Effect flower planting project in the downtown. He will say it’s just that he likes flowers around, but I think it’s something more. It reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw today that said, “Be the Change you want to see in the World”.

Faith in Humanity Flowers

Faith in Humanity Flowers

So today is the first day the pots are out there unprotected in the public space that has no psychological barrier, no cyclone fence, not even a hedgerow to remind a passerby that this flower pot belongs to someone else.

Tomorrow morning I am hoping we can count “Day One” that the pots have survived out there on the four corners undisturbed and that maybe in October when it’s time to clean them out and put them away for the season all four will still be there. A shining testament of hopefulness reaffirming our faith in humanity.

Corner #4

Corner #4

Corner #3

Corner #3

Corner #2

Corner #2

Corner #1


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  1. natalieburg said,

    May 24, 2011 at 2:53 am

    I love them!

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